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About Demetrius and Helena

For 10 months I was going out with Demetrius. But things were so different from the way they were in the begining because he still loved his old crush Hermia. For a while now I noticed him saying I love you less. He would talk to my enemies after I told them why I don't talk to them. Finally I just said "It's over." He didn't really mourn for the loss of our relationship because the next day he was practically professing his love for hermia.
I still love him, and I think he knows. Hermia doesn't love him at all. Yet he still chases after her.
I don't hate her but I wish I was her. So he can love me again. And he tells everyone that he has dreams of Hermia and him kissing.
I don't know what to do.

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Tell to him about your love
i did.
"friends" only.
It is sad. You have written, that she does not love him. And it is very important for men, that them loved. I think, he will return to you.
Do that:
1. If he agrees to friendship - be the friend, this is good. Write letters, congratulate on holidays. Let he knows, that you beside and you - his friend.
2. Try to transform energy of your love into something fine. For example, draw a picture, write music, the story. Then, even if he will not return, you will not have feeling, that time has been lost.
3. Care of yourself. Have a good time, get acquainted with other men. Suddenly another, instead of this, will make you happy?
Men are frequently similar to puppies. When you run for the puppy, it escapes. When you escape from the puppy, it runs for you :)
lol i never thought about it like that. thanks. :D
Aaaw... If it helps any, Hermia sounds a ton like 'hernia'... hehe. :D

Don't worry...! You're too good for some guy who confesses his love to some other girl right after breaking up with you. Seriously, what type of guy does that?? xD

It's quite insensitive, in my opinion...! :O
You deserve someone better! ;D

Let's hope a nice guy walks into your life soon to fill up the space your ex left in your heart...! :)