Isabel Gabriela (isabel_gabriela) wrote in unrequited_love,
Isabel Gabriela

No, darling. None.

He is a poet who loved me unconditionally for two years, despite my having an abusive boyfriend. He helped me put my life back together once I left the relationship. More than that, I suffer from severe depression and when I was hospitalized, he came daily and stayed for hours. He was tender and kind, loving and devoted. For two years we were in love every day, with lapses of time where the strain of me not being able to leave the abusive relationship was too difficult for he and I to sustain communication. For six months we were finally able to be together-we made quiet vows to one another, mimicking those of marriage, and promised to stay true and in love. Friends were envious.
A month ago he told me he's no longer in love with me, but exhausted and tired. He is trying to find a place of happiness that doesn't include me. He is cold and distant and I am in constant pain. He asked me how he is supposed to continue writing his new book of poetry when it was based on his conception of our love being eternal and unconditional? He asked me to feel bad for him, but I could only nurse my broken, shattered heart. I am finally at a place in my life where depression and abuse are no longer issues. I can give of myself happily and wholly and, now, he doesn't want me. I try to be concerned for his writing, since he says it is suffering, but I wonder where his sympathy for my broken heart is? Am I being selfish?
In tears, I begged him, "Is there no feeling of being in love left inside of you for me? None whatsoever?"
He replied, "No, darling. None."
What do I believe in now?
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