polekatz (polekatz) wrote in unrequited_love,

Oh well.

He told me loves me.He said I am his everything, he said he would do anything for me. He said he's never felt so strongly for anyone before. He said this all to me. He said he wants to marry me, that I make him so happy. I'm wonderful I'm great he says. He also said I'm perfect. I was happy with him, I wanted it to work. Until I found out the last time he said "I LOVE YOU" and "MEAN IT" was four months ago (after he broke up with me) to someone else. And not recently to me when we last spoke. I mean nothing to him. He's lied to me, I can't believe what he says. I refuse to. It sucks because I thought I loved him. I pictured us doing everything together. Now I just see myself. But I'm okay with that. And that makes me smile.
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the fact that you can just see yourself happily gives me hope that i could let go of him and do the same. thanks.
No worries; I'm glad I'm not alone. I have to admit I still don't know what to do. I'll play it by ear I guess.
You'd be surprised just how many guys go from one girl to another spreading those lines and lies.
They think they love everyone they meet OR are just using something sugary sweet to find their way into a girl's pants.
For instance. "I love you" often means "I love your body". "You are my everything" > "Now will you sleep with me?" and "I would do anything for you" > "And you'd do anything for me too right; let's go to the bedroom..."
Okay so some guys aren't all that sleazy, but they do have a short attention span when it comes to girls unfortunately :(
They'll go from girl to girl saying those 3 words and none of them will realise just how many times they've been said before to others. You're actually lucky to have found out.
If only everyone could...
Ok, that is probably the most comprehensible thing that I’ve read that made so much sense to me and expresses what I truly knew. Thank you! It does suck but at least I don’t have to live in his lie anymore! Thank you!