britgurl (britgurl) wrote in unrequited_love,

Did I waste years of my life, or is it worth it?

I'm still in love but I'm realising that the guy I'm in love with, instead of growing up, has become insecure, arrogant, fake, etc. I fell in love with him when he was real, and not the way he is now. Did I waste all this time hoping he would change? He doesn't even like me now, I'm just another girl to him. I think he divides girls into two groups: Girls he wants to attract and girls he doesn't. He wants me to find him attractive, but not because I'm me, but because I'm attractive and he needs to feel that he can attract girls. I do feel like I became more patient and understanding, not just with him, but with others. Maybe it wasn't a TOTAL waste, but right now I just feel so pathetic. :(
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