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13 years ago I started working with this guy (X) and he and I hated eachother.  We could not get along for a few minutes together.  As time went on we became friends and he had a crush on me.  I was not into X though so it never went any farther.  He eventually moved away and he and I talked every so often.  Life took us in different paths and a few years passed with us only talking once or twice a year. 

In early 2005 I divorced and called X up (who lived about 1000 miles from me now).  We talked for a few months and I realized what a great guy I had passed over years before.  He came up to visit me and things got heavy.  We went on like this until late into 2006.  This guy had introduced me to the guy who would eventually become my husband and when my husband and I got serious I stopped "seeing" X.  He and I and my husband have all remained friends and I talk to X at least twice a month.  Sometimes that talk gets erotic.  My husband and I have role played X into our intimacy in the past and have discussed a 3some with him which X is totally for.

This is where it could go downhill...X and my relationship was always open.  We were never monogomous because of the distance and also because of neither of us wanting a regular relationship.  However, even though we always dated other people, I fell so in love with him, which I still am I think.  Dont get me wrong...I love my husband too...I really do, but I always have this one place for X.

Would it be a bad idea to go forward with our 3some?  I am thinking it'd be ok because I know the boundries and always have.
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