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 My 'love' story is one of the pathetic ones; where girl-likes-guy-but-guy-doesn't-like-girl... and yet girl-still-feels-for-guy. 

Okay, so... Two years ago I met this guy. Yeah. And... he was just... he was one of the few guys I could honestly see myself with. The problem is, he didn't feel the same; and after he found out from another friend, things were a bit awkward but we continued to be friends. Now, two years later, we're close friends; but I still have feelings for him. I hate the fact that I haven't gotten over him, but I guess we can't help our feelings.

The major problem is another girl; named "Ellie." She and the boy are best friends, closer than he and I. They hang out all the time, talk on the phone, and flirt outrageously. He says he doesn't feel that way about her, but I know she likes him. I can't help but feel wildly jealous and heartbroken every time I see them together. I've never hung out with him. Ever. I've tried, but he always wants to hang out in a group, and things just don't work out. Oh, but he hangs out with her alone all the time.

I'm absurdly selfish, and can't stop wondering what she has that I don't. I've spent countless Saturday nights on MSN, listening (in a sense) as he poured out everything that was going on in his life. Every problem he had, everything that bothered him, was dumped on me, and I offered the best advice I could. I'm always there for him, no matter what, yet this relationship seems to be one-way. I feel like he means more to me than I mean to him, and I hate it. I wish he felt the same way about me like I do about him, but there's nothing I can do. These feelings won't go away, and I'm eaten alive by jealousy every day. I can't stand it.

I keep my feelings hidden. I pretend we're just friends. Yet nothing changes.
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